Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dream Scapes

You know how you have those wonderful dreams where you wish it was reality??? I DEF had one of those last night! It was one of those dreams that were so beautiful it hurt inside.

So let me start by saying my dreams are so weird and sporadic, they at times make no sense whatsoever. Just a little background info, my current job is working at a high end makeup store (they sell brands like Dior, YSL, Givenchy, etc.) and I LOVE wearing it! Well, in my dream I apparently took a second job at the Wal-Mart beauty counter (in my dream they re-did their image or something) because I wasn't getting enough hours at my previous job. I was greeted by this woman who instructed how to do things in a certain way (i.e. cleaning your area, where to throw away things). After this VERY brief and informal orientation, she showed me to the rest of the cast working there. She brought me to a couch area in the middle of a dark mall (or lack there of a background), this beautiful boy introduced himself to me and smiled. The first thing I saw was his eyes: they were illuminated by a silvery eye shadow and accented on the eye line with various other colors. His face was contoured with a blush and on the top of cheek bones an his jaw line he had SEVERE illuminator.

These were one of those dreams where I could FEEL the other person and they could feel me. It was just  a wonderful, beautiful person who like me and I liked them. It was like we bonded at first sight; FINALLY finding another person who I understood and they understood me FULLY back!  Anyway, he introduced me to his gang of beautiful friends and we just hung out. All of a sudden the lead guy took my arm affectionately and poured a white, powdery substance onto my arm. He sniffed it and felt elaited. He offered it to me, in which I took one sniff up a single nostril. 

I am only detailing what happened in my dream. I have never taken any drugs and I HATE them! So I felt like it was very unlike me to do this. AGAIN, it's just a dream.... Just because I explode in a dream doesn't mean I will do so in reality.

I think that this dream was due in part because I watched the move Party Monster before I went to bed! SUCH a good movie!!!! SO inspiring :) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jive Ass Talk

I have been HUGELY inspired by 1970s blaxplotation films with their groovy soundtracks and foxy chicks (just a little lingo to get you in the right kind of mood ;) And the outfits! 

I used to never be a big fan of the 1970s. My view of the 70s was very narrow minded with me thinking that it was just filled with long hair, flared pants, AND WAIT more hair! But my thoughts were turned way 'round when I saw Charlie's Angels (1976-1981) just a couple of years back. The chicness of Kelly Garret, Sabrina Duncan and Jil Monroe were stellar! Definitely not the tackiness I was led to believe the 70s were all about. And that is when I started to fall in LOVE with the 70s! The clothing, the disco/funk music and the decor. They all blew my mind! 

I spotted Foxy Brown at Dollar General one day when my mom decided to go in for a few things. And boy was I in for a treat! What really hooked me in was when Foxy Brown took out her gun from her big afro and shot somebody, head on! Now that is PURE cheesiness! 


Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm a Dead Marc Jacobs Doll!

Vintage hat, black fur coat, Dior eye shadow,
Kat Von D lip stain
And I have a pull out string too!!! ;) I had a MAJOR inspiration shock from Marc Jacobs' new advertisements for his fall 2012 collection. It's funny, when I first saw this collection I was left a little shell shocked by how dark and lurid the collection was. I was a little put off by it. But then I watched the full runway show with the show tunes in the background and the models winding down a surreal staircase. I instantly fell in love with it! From one extreme dislike to one extreme LOVE!!!

Courtesy of

Even though I did not have a fur floppy hat quite like the ones Phillip Treacy designed for Marc Jacobs, I sufficed for one of my newer vintage hats. I was inspired by one of my favorite looks from his collection that had a red hat and a black veil hovering around the models pale white skin. Speaking of: at least I had the make up down a little! If you have face, you have everything else ;)

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

High Fashion Love Affair

I like to think fashion is like biology: I observe, dissect, and apply it to my daily ventures in life! Though fashion is much MUCH more exciting! :)

When I walk into the Prada boutique in Atlanta, my mind goes soaring and flies into the wonderful saffiano leather bags and through the 50s inspired frocks for spring! I jump from joy when I can see and FEEL the clothing that models such as Natasha Polly and Meghan Collison wore on the pink-oil drenched runway! The most thrilling feeling of all is when I actually slip these pretty frocks on! I then proceed to prance around with my utter fabulousness (now I'm getting a little ahead of myself! ;)

Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
I'm not quite sure if this was a wardrobe malfunction or a wonderful style ploy
by Miucca, but I sure do love it! (Courtesy of

My point is that fashion is an imbodiment of my emotions. And more than likely, Marc Jacobs or Prada will fulfill these wonderful spurts of inspiration! If I want to wear a Prada doctor's shirt one day (from the Spring 2011 show), then I will! If I want to wear my Marc Jacobs head wrap, DONE! :)

Here are some wonderous photos (from the present and the past) that reflect on my "love affair" with fashion :)

Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 Radizmir Head Wrap
Prada Spring 2010 Sunglasses

Prada Spring 2011 Scrubs ;)

Now that I've exploited my ego, and self vanity, I'm going to leave you to my GLAMOUR!!!! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Couture Rebels!

This couture season marked a momentous event in fashion history: Raf Simmons shows his VERY FIRST (and hopefully not last) collection for Dior!!! 

When I first viewed this show I was a little taken aback by the simplicity of the collection. After all, the very first look was a black suit (though very tailored and proportioned) that didn't scream JOHN GALLIANO in the least. In fact, the whole collection was so opposite of what we might think "couture" really is. Our definition of "couture" is flashy, romantic, and LOTS AND LOTS of organza and beads! Raf Simons did quite the opposite: pants, pockets and blouses. 

Even though the aesthetic of mixing high and low is nothing new in the least, I do feel that using such method for an opening act at a couture show is very much a (excuse my language) ballsy thing to do! Many Dior fans-who didn't personally attend the show, I might add-were not quite happy with the results because they are used to the showiness of Galliano. But he's tired anyhow so I am SUPER excited to see what is to come from Raf and Dior <3

On that note of mixing high and low, here's a picture of me that was inspired by the great Raf Simons' collecitons (most namely his Spring 2012 show for Jil Sander)

Vintage hat, early 60s blouse, red shoe box (used as purse),
costume jewelry necklace and Abercrombie shorts
Yay! So I'm BEYOND THE TREND! ;) We also saw casualness within the couture collections this season from Chanel and Givenchy! 

Have a wonderful HIGH and LOW day! It is in fashion after all ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The New Beginning

Hello everyone! My name is Justin (or notsodowdy ;)

This is my first ever blogpost (which is hopefully going to be much more in the future!)

So enough with the introductions, lets get down to business! What do I HAVE to offer TO YOU?

Answer: NOTHING. But I do have many beautiful photos from the runways and of course of myself (we all know that I'm vain!) in beautiful and outrageous outfits! This blog is just another way for me to express my interests in a more concrete manner rather than keeping it bottled all up inside me :) So, really you're doing me the kind favor of actually reading my posts!!


I have been inspired lately by cheesy 1960s beach movies! I just adore the women with their huge coifs and their bright/mint colored clothing. Everything in those movies just seem so happy go lucky! I also love the nostalgic atmosphere it presents :)

I know this was a fairly short blog post but there will be plenty more to come!!! And the next one will actually be an outfit post ;)